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iOS Productivity Apps

This isn’t a particularly deep and insightful post, more of a share. These are the apps that I have in my iPhone Productivity folder currently. Feel free to suggest others.

(Links are to relevant websites, iTunes link is second).

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39 year old nerdy sort who now lives in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland.
  • omnifocus and wunderlist

  • Omnifocus is a really well made app and if I was in an Apple only environment I’d probably have gone for that. Wunderlist looks amazing and I think it would actually do what I do with Nozbe! Might have to revisit – thanks for mentioning it.

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  • Jeff

    You should try Must Do Today. A great productivity tool.

  • Nice apps… here are some additions like Future Scheduler and Location
    Alerts Productivity apps (Paid).