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Creativity, lack of

It never occurred to me before that you could possibly lose creativity. I understood that it could be stunted, for example when one experiences ‘writer’s block’. However I didn’t think it was permanent. I’ve come to the realisation that I may have permanently lost a portion of my creative abilities. It seems a strange notion, you’re used to the fact that ageing will result in certain mental faculties diminishing; memory, speed of the thought process and so on. However, losing the seemingly abstract faculty of creativity is just weird and very unexpected. What has brought this on is having realised over the space of around 1 to 2 years, or more, that I seem unable to come up with anything in visual/graphic design anymore. Going back a couple of years and merely thinking about the content of a website would have rich visualisations flitting around my head. Not so anymore. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

As an aside, I’ve decided to try and blog every day now as creative exercise in the hope that there is no further diminishment!

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