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On the lash

Well not quite, on the lash , as I did spend Saturday not-hungover. Ministry of Sound is becoming a regular Friday night event now for me. So much so that when I got back from New Zealand last Saturday night, I went down there just a few hours later. I reckon I’m more of a Friday night person, the music seems to suit me better.

Last Friday was a FILTH night with Damian Saint which I was looking forward to as I missed the last one while I was in NZ. Detoured off to my usual spot first though; what used to be the ‘Over 25’ room I think? John (I think) and Paul play there and I was glad to get a listen to John again as I wasn’t mad keen on what he played Saturday previously (I think the Friday night sound is my best bet) but definitely liked the sound on Friday. As usual Paul’s choice and performance of tracks was superb. Meant I was kind of late getting down to the main arena to listen to FILTH but it was still damn good with some great sampling of Firestarter and Smack Your Bitch Up.

MoS does make the club scene very accessible, the staff there are well trained, bouncers are polite and professional. Best of all the DJs are approachable and happy to discuss their music.

Finishing it off with a late session in Balcony is always good and then it’s nasi lemak for breakfast over at Kiliney Kopitiam

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