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Top 5 Changes to Web Apps Wishlist

This was just running through my head this morning so I thought I’d let my opioniated side out for a bit. Didn’t spend a lot of time thinking this through so I’m open to criticism and alternatives. Probably also be done before, so humour me.

  1. Twitter. Sort out IM. IM is powerful and not difficult, what’s going on @twitter?

  2. Dopplr allows flight schedule driven trip planning. I like Dopplr but I’d love to be able to enter flight numbers and dates, a trip generated and the ability to drop in alternative travel plans to see how everything lines up.

  3. Gmail/GAFYD. Layout breakage by messages is really annoying, needs to be fixed if Google want people to use a browser rather than a client for primary access.

  4. Outlook Web Access. Premium version isn’t premium, it’s horrible to use. Fix refreshing and item status synchronisation.

  5. A whole slew. So many web apps use calendar and contact data, why do we still see piss poor synchronisation solutions like one-way iCal file exports. Maintaining duplicate data in multiple places shouldn’t be an unsolved problem still.

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