Gitlab Hugo CI/CD

Getting back into the GitLab Hugo CI/CD for this blog It’s kind of interesting how I’ve fallen out of the habit of documenting some of the tech that I’m working on. That used to be the one bit of blogging that I was kind of motivated to do. So I guess it’s time to get that going again. Now that more people are interested in GitLab it’s probably a good time to get the Hugo deploy part of my GitLab install going again

Fecking around with blogging software again

Not content with leaving the site alone once I had it working with PHP7 & Nginx I’m off fecking around again. I got cranky with the Wordpress/Wix dispute and that was enough to overcome the general dissatisfaction with the general overhead of a CMS for an infrequently updated personal site. So I’m trying out Hugo. This also exercises my gitlab setup! I’m using a gitlab runner to build and deploy on commit.


Commentary on Shane Ross’ Cycling Policy Parliamentary Questions response on October 11th 2016

This is a placeholder while I write up my comments Questions 577 to 580 were posed by John Lahart (FF) Question 577. To ask the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport the urgent need to address cycle safety here; his plans to bring forward legislation relevant to cyclist safety; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [29371⁄16] Response from Shane Ross (broken out by me) My current priority in road safety legislation is the Road Traffic Bill 2016 which is focussed on measures to improve safety for all road users including cyclists.


The failure of Shane Ross to address cyclist safety

I’ll be updating this post over the next few days. I just wanted to put up copies of emails I’ve sent to the minister and my local TDs on the subject. I’ll note any responses here. Update 1: First to reply was Fianna Fáil’s John Lahart who responded about 5 minutes after I sent the email. He was followed by Sinn Féin’s Sean Crowe (who I have to call back). A few days later I got a response from Katherine Zappone’s assistant.


Some additional notes on “A Lust For Life” piece “Trust Your Gut For Better Brain Health”

I started following the conversation around this tweet: What a load of #nutribollocks -no evidence for any of this: ‘Trust Your Gut For Better Brain Health’ @lustforlife — Sinéad Conneely (@phrenohead) August 6, 2016 when I saw . @lustforlife @phrenohead The burden of evidence is on the giver of medical advice, not those calling them out on unsubstantiated claims. — Chris Tierney (@stunt_penguin) August 7, 2016 The rest of the conversation from Sinéad (@phrenohead) and Chris (@stunt_penguin) is very interesting and I just wanted to add some background on two points:


Number of jobs versus employment rate

Because I’m a cranky git who is largely distrustful of economists, I couldn’t let go of a sense of distrust of what was being presented in this graph:   Dan O’Brien on Twitter The Irish economy has increased employment more in the past four years than in the 70 years from 1926 to I’m suspicious that this is simply “bigging up” Fine Gael and being misleading in doing so.


Not sure what this expression means


Cube Travel SL Review

Update: These are photos of the adjustable handlebar stem

I originally put up a quick video review on the day I brought the bike home from the bike shop and it follows. However, now that I’ve put up some mileage (~750km) I thought it was time to get into a bit more detail. The bike comes in at ~€1,379; additional cost due to my customisations are shown below.

If you watched the video you’ll see that I was quite excited by the bike. Since then, nothing’s changed: I love this bike and it’s perfect for me right now.


Something to read: 10 Ways To Test If Your MVP Is Actually Viable

I posted this on Twitter but I also wanted to add it here because it’s important and there seem to be an awful lot of product people who don’t understand the concept of MVP: 10 Ways To Test If Your MVP Is Actually Viable – ReadWrite Throwing together a minimum viable product, or MVP, is a great way to test your concept and find out what customers really want before you sink more money into the game.


EPG and recording time trouble in TVHeadend

I’ve moved from having a full XBMC Kodi install on my Raspberry Pi to just Raspbian with tvheadend as all I want is to capture content for consumption elsewhere e.g. RTÉ Pulse shows. Recently, I had the bright idea of moving to Jessie and in the process discovered that all no longer played well and I wasn’t recording the actual shows I wanted. Two things were happening: the EPG which is pulled from EIT OTA was +1 hour out – most discussions on this issue being observed on TVH centre around there being an issue with the provider.


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