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In search of the creative spirit/soul/spark



Update 11 November 2010: I’m seeing an increase in traffic to this image so I thought I should link it properly: http://www.flickr.com/photos/baboon/3946055/ – there are some fantastic photos over there, really worth spending some time browsing through.

I’m not even sure what to call it so perhaps that gives a sense of where I am with this. I’m pretty sure I’ve brought it up before so it might be a somewhat tired subject but the meetforeal.com event at the weekend prompted me to think about the whole area of my creativity. I was talking to some of the folk at the get together about having been quite visually creative (played around with web design doing my own layouts and very basic graphics) but having seen that dry up. Not in the sense of a transient writer’s block but what seems to be a lack of inspiration from deep within. We were discussing the impact of practicing dominant left brain thought on the suppression of creativity i.e. lack of use of creative ‘muscle’. I think there’s a certain creativity back there in terms of the cooking that I enjoy but I’m curious about the visual aspect of creativity which remains absent for me.

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